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After graduating from Goshen College in Goshen, IN with a B.A. in visual art (ceramics/Sculpting) and minor in theater design, I moved to the big city of Chicago.  Immediately after moving there I started working with what became my home company,  The Right Brain Project  and it's very talented Artistic Director, Nathan Robbel.  Between work with the RBP and other companies I produced, designed costumes, props, set and/or makeup/hair on over 30 shows during my 4.5 years in Chicago. Additonally I worked with Signal Ensemble Theater, Strawdog Theatre Company  and Provision Theatre as well as others.


While in Chicago I also bounced around with the post school misc. jobs that art majors tend to go through, and it wasn't until a good friend convinced me this makeup thing was worth considering further that I then started to persue the idea. Very shortly thereafter and thanks to Makeup Artist Magazine's issue #74, I found Vancouver Film School. Fast forward about a year and I moved across the country and up into Canada to start my year intensive in VFS's Makeup for Film and TV program. After graduating with honors in December 2010 I've been living and working in Vancouver on many films, TV shows, photo shoots and theatre shows.  I am a permitee for IATSE 891 and ACFC 2020. 


​In 2012 I, and my fantastic team (Susan Manning and Krysten Merrick) won a LEO award for best makeup on a short, The Little Mermaid which has plans to be turned into a feature soon!


Additionally in 2012 I was a contestant on Season 3 of  SYFY's makeup reality TV show FACE OFF. On this show contestants are given around 20-25 hours to create a full creautre, head to toe, from initial concept to application. While I did not win my seasson I was in 9 of the 11 episodes as a contestant and was asked back for the finale and helped sculpt, build costume, mold, apply and paint on Nicole Chilleli's team, and she ultimately won our season. 


I'm always looking for exciting new projetcs where I can collaborate with other other people who are passionate about their art and  want to 'make cool stuff!' So, please don't hesitiate to contact me for questions, requests, inquiries or anything else you can think of.  All my contact info is on my contact page. I'm still located in Vancouver, BC but I have a US passport, Permanent Residency in Canada and I love traveling!


My skill set includes a wide variety of things  that are ever expanding and evolving to fit the situation necessary and continue learning.

  • Basic/straight beauty, corrective and period makeup.

  • Hair laying, float beards/wigs and beginner ventilating 

  • Prosthetics:

    • experience in gelatin and foam latex from sculpt to run to application

    • basics in silicon running and experience in silicon sculpting and application.

  • Trauma effects, Out of Kit/Wounds

  • Bald cap creation and application.

  • Bondo/Cabo/prosaid transfers 

  • Body painting

  • Hair styling.

  • Sewing by hand, machine

  • Ebroidery and detailed bead work

  • Building costumes from patterns both as-is and altered

  • Altering clothing/costumes to both fit and become something else. 

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