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Charlotte's Song

Produced by Done Four Productions (Jessica Clark-Bojin & Lindsey Mann)

Makeup/FX Department Head, Creature designer and on set key. All build done by myself and my team.

Creature concep art by Camilla D'Errico

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Little Mermaid : Psycho Princesses

**Leo Award for Best Makeup on a short, 2012**

**Scream Fest Best short, 2011**

Produced by Vancouver Film School students Lindsey Mann, Samantha Jewell, Aliya Tarmo, and Justin Simon through the Entertainment Business Management program.

Makeup and Hair: Sarah Elizabeth, Susan Manning, Krysten Merrick

Death Do Us Part - Official Trailer

Nine Worlds Entertainment 
Written & Produced By: Peter Benson, Julia Benson & Ryan Copple
Directed By: Nicholas Humphries

Key Makeup/Hair: Sarah Elizabeth

Makeup Assistant: Malin Sjostrom-Ewan

Leap for your Life

Shut The Door Productions, Produced by Taylor Hill & Barbara Hill

Directed by Gary Hawes

Written by Taylor Hill

Key Makeup and Hair: Malin Sjostrom-Ewan

Makeup Assistant: Sarah Elizabeth, Leah Cuff

Monster Date

"Monster Date" is a parody inspired by 1980s video dating montages.

It was written, directed, and produced by Writing for Film & Television students Elsa Morena and Amy Doherty, in collaboration with students from the Makeup Design for Film & Television, Acting for Film & Television, Film Production, 3D Animation & Visual Effects, and Sound Design for Visual Media programs.

​Troll Makeup: Sarah Elizabeth


Geek and Sundry:

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Makeup & FX Key: Sarah Elizabeth

Makeup assistant: Darla Edin

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Face Off Season 3

Year of Production: 2012

Contestant in 9 of 11 episodes and part of winning team.


True Heroines

Year of Production: 2013

Episode 3 of Neverland, a dark re-imagining of the J.M. Barrie classic Peter Pan & Wendy.

Directed by Michelle Oullete

Makeup Key: Sarah Elizabeth


Under the Bridge of Fear

Year of Production: 2013

Director: Mackenzie Gray

Makeup Key: Sarah Elizabeth

Makeup assistants: Malin Sjostrom-Ewan, April Beer


Neverland: Tinkerbell

Year of Production: 2012

Episode 3 of Neverland, a dark re-imagining of the J.M. Barrie classic Peter Pan & Wendy.

Directed by Nicholas Humphries.

Makeup & FX Key: Sarah Elizabeth

Makeup assistant: Susan Manning


A Place Like Home: Zombie OZ

Year of Production: 2010

Dorothy returns to Kansas to find it overrun with zombies in this twisted new ending to the L. Frank Baum classic,

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Directed by Nicholas Humphries (Riese: Kingdom Falling).

Produced by Mai Nakanishi and Christine DeJoy through the VFS Compendium series  

Makeup & FX Key: Sarah Elizabeth

Makeup assistant: Leah Cuff, Amanda Imeson



Year of Production: 2010

Staring: Robin Nielsen, Lee Majdoub, Alex Zahara, Tristen Leffler, James Swendsen

Directed by Tracy D Smith

Written by Tyler Burton Smith

Produced by Samantha DeGagne & Mercedes Colon

Key makeup/Hair: Sarah Elizabeth

Makeup Assistant: Susan Manning



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